Skyy’s first day at the dog park

•January 18, 2010 • 10 Comments

I don’t have to add too much to this one, given what’s told in the video [below]. This past Saturday was SKYY’s first time at a dog park. Needless to say, we had a great time; saw lots of beautiful dogs and good doggish people. Kudos to the City of Woodbury for an amazing dog park – seventy acres of leashless freedom. Incredible.


Skyy’s entry into MangoMinster 2010

•January 15, 2010 • 2 Comments

So, if you’re the sort to read blogs about dogs, or even by dogs, it’s not unlikely you’ve heard of Mango.

A snapshot of the Slobbery One

About as near as I can tell, he’s probably the slobberiest blogger on the wide world interweb. He’s also a great enthusiast of all things doggish, and host to what is now an annual event:

MangoMinster 2010.

I’ve got to give credit where credit is due: it’s quite a production. Before Skyy came along, and subsequently this blog, I might never have guessed how large a presence dogs (and, as in my case, sometimes even their owners) have online.

So in the spirit of community and participation, I am preparing Skyy for his own entry into Mangominster 2010.

The following photos are in final contention for Skyy’s entry:

one sleepy puppy

Poor Skyy got clocked and fell asleep.

Like a heat seeking missile

ah...grass. I remember grass. Haven't seen it in 3 months, but...

Sunny day, freezing snow.  The life.

Skyy's favorite position.

A day of sun and snow

One handsome Kuvasz.

A moment still, mid-romp

A moment still, mid-romp

One of my dilemmas, you might imagine, is to ask myself, is it fair to use a picture of Skyy as a little puppy? On the one hand, it could still be considered recent, as only a couple of months ago he weighed a mere 15 pounds. On the other, he is such a different looking dog now than just a couple of months ago. I have to think puppy pictures are hard to beat in a contest, but integrity probably dictates I submit a picture of the dog I have *now*.

I mean – he’s a handsome dog either way.

So the pictures posted here are some of my favorites, and I may select one as my official entry. But I’m also getting the urge to pull out my Canon SLR and try to take some truly great shots of the little white one this coming weekend.

So we’ll see. Maybe this post was just an excuse to post some of my favorite pictures of Skyy to-date.

Marty Stouffer’s Wild America (version Kuvasz)

•January 10, 2010 • 3 Comments

I remember well watching Marty Stouffer’s Wild America when I was a kid. The footage of elk and wolves foraging on whatever they could find during the harsh wintertimes always stuck in my mind. Well, there aren’t many winters more harsh than those in Minnesota, and it is here that I’ve found my Kuvasz, SKYY, still shares with his wolfish forebears the instinct to forage in the snow. I would have loved to get Mr. Stouffer to narrate this little clip, but, sadly, he wasn’t available (at a moment’s notice at 10pm on a Tuesday night and, well, I never really tried to contact him anyway) to do so. Nevertheless, for your viewing pleasure:

Sky’s cousin, Biggie, is a proponent of the raw diet. Well, here, SKYY offers you dieting: RAW.

SKYY’s da’ Tanner – AKC National Champ – Best in Breed

•January 5, 2010 • 2 Comments

I found out the other day that SKYY’s da’, Tanner, won Best of Breed and Best Bred By in Breed/Variety at the 2009 AKC National Championships in Long Beach, California last month.

I’m not entirely sure what that second one is, but it sounds like quite the accomplishment, no? We’re very proud of SKYY’s da’.

A video of the Working Group is available via the AKC website, and Tanner is just the second dog into the video, so he’s pretty easy to find (meaning, you don’t have to sort through the whole video to find him, he’s about 60s in.) I swear SKYY’s da’ is almost as handsome an animal as SKYY.

Check out the video here: Video of Champs

If you’re not into videos, there’s a flash photo of SKYY’s da’: HERE

So congratulations to SKYY’s da’ and Szumeria Kuvasz Kennels, not to mention all of the other ambassadors of the breed who competed in California last month.

Big White Dog

Tanner - SKYY's da'

My dog is not vodka

•December 29, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Yes, it’s true. I am a vodka drinker. Most who know me well know that I like to drink vodka. However – those who know me truly well know that I tend to drink either Cirroc, Chopin, or – in a crunch – Grey Goose. The only time I have ever bought a bottle of SKYY VODKA was when I was forced to resort to making my spirits purchase at a Wisconsin gas station.

So I forgive the impressions of those who think I named my dog after a middling quality alcohol. I know a guy who named his cats “Bud” and “Kaya” (if you don’t know what illicit substance those names reference you’re better off), so why not “SKYY”, right?

I did not name my dog after Vodka...on purpose

Distilled grain alcohol does not equal white dog

But the fact is that I already recounted the naming of my dog. It was my neighbor’s kid’s idea. I added the extra “Y” for flair. Christine has since advised me that I should have added an “E”, instead, to make it “SKYE” – which also would have been flair-y, but visually, SKYY has a better aesthetic. As proven by the marketers for SKYY VODKA, I guess.

All of that said, to be clear, my dog is not a vodka. He is good on ice, but tonic and a lime do nothing for him.

Joy, thy name is Tired Puppy.

•December 28, 2009 • 3 Comments

So, while I was enjoying my Christmas…
That's not our fireplace

SKYY was staying at the place of his birth, Szumeria Kuvasz kennels. There, he got to play with two of his siblings that Connie & Lynn (proprietors) have held on to from SKYY’s litter, and get tons of attention for the four full days I was gone. As part of the service, Szumeria had SKYY all groomed up. They cleaned his ears, clipped his nails, and the coup de grace: a bath. Christine and I went to pick him up and he was fluffier than I’ve ever seen him. And totally zonked.

I couldn’t get him to pose properly, so this is the best picture I could get:

He just had a bath.  That fur is softer than goose down.

One Tired Kuvasz.

But trust me folks – and thank you Szumeria Kuvasz kennels, that fur was softer than goose down. And I also got a quieter than usual evening.

I promise the next time I go somewhere, SKYY is going back to his birthplace.

A Kuvasz White Christmas

•December 25, 2009 • 2 Comments

It wasn’t long after getting SKYY that I noticed something was wrong with him.

I am pretty certain that he has no nerve endings in his butt.

It was freakin' cold this day

Can't get the dog out of the snow

It doesn’t seem to matter how cold outside it is, if there’s snow, SKYY wants to be in it. I suppose that’s a good thing, living in Minnesota. But boy – sometimes when _I_ want to go inside it gets frustrating.

SKYY, please come in, will you?

My Kuvasz, who refuses to come inside where it's warm

But in the end, I think it’s pretty darn fun watching a fluffy white dog bounding around in the frozen fluff.

I offer the following for your enjoyment: