Quick: Time to Vote for SKYY at Mango Minster!

So, SKYY was an entrant in MangoMinster 2010, an online dog show, with entrants profiled via their pictures.

Fans of SKYY everywhere need now go to the Mango Minster webpage and vote for SKYY in the “Hard Working Boy Dog’s” category.

Is this a little silly? Yes, but who cares? It’s fun. Would it kill ya to vote for a handsome white canine?

Sky’s entrance photo (which will look familiar if you’re a reader of this blog) is displayed here:

This may look familiar....


~ by nathancwsmith on February 5, 2010.

One Response to “Quick: Time to Vote for SKYY at Mango Minster!”

  1. SKYY, you sure are a pretty boy. I’m sorry I couldn’t help represent The Regal Kuvasz at Mango Minster this year. I was overcome by my judging duties for DOG PILE (which I hope you will enter in future years when you mellow out a bit) and taking care of my sick Momma.

    It sure is hard being a working dog.

    Your pal, Biggie

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