Skyy’s 2nd Puppy Kindergarten Class

Skyy has now completed his second day of Puppy Kindergarten. Again, he did very well. He’s a smart little puppy that lets my failings as a master slide by the instructor’s attention quite successfully.

We covered “sit”, and “come” again, and worked on heeling and “lay down”, all of which are commands Skyy is already performing pretty consistently with verbal queues only. The most amusing part of the evening was watching all the puppies playing with the tufts of white hair that kept rolling by them like tumbleweeds – despite brushing him earlier that day, Skyy was shedding profusely.

After the class we watched the adult dogs in their various obedience and agility training sessions. Most definitely inspiring. The bond between some of these owners and their dogs, strengthened by the lessons they share, is truly amazing to witness in person. Plus, I want to be able to point at something and have my dog jump over it.

When Skyy’s da’ was four months old as Skyy is now, he was only three months away from winning his first Best in Breed at a show. I don’t know if Skyy will have that appeal, but the more time I spend with Skyy and other dog enthusiasts, the more excited I am about finding out.

Some pictures from the evening:

Look up!

Look over there!

Voted Most Energy in Class

A moment for rest between lessons

The Intrepid Photographer

Voted Most Cutest Vicious Little Beasty

Teacher's pet. Not really. My pet. But the teacher likes him...

The Instructor's Enforcers. (warning: don't piddle on the mats)


~ by nathancwsmith on January 26, 2010.

One Response to “Skyy’s 2nd Puppy Kindergarten Class”

  1. Skyy is doing great! Saige failed twice in obedience class. Guinness got 97% They are both quite saucy now because i don’t work with them emough and they get away with murder–keep up the great work SKYY!!!

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