Skyy’s Predecessor: Kaiser Soze, scourge of rodents and worshipper of sunbeams

I brought Skyy home from Szumeria Kuvasz Kennels in November, but it was in early October that I had started thinking of finding a new dog.

On October 1st of last year, Kaiser Soze, the incredible dachshund that I had known and loved for twelve years passed away. My ex Kathy and I had picked Kaiser up from a family breeder in Georgia shortly after moving in together following our respective college graduations. We referred to him as our “first born”, and from the get-go he was one of the sweetest, albeit stubborn, dogs I had ever known. Even as a little bean who could sleep in one of my shoes, he had the tenacity dachshunds are often known for. He didn’t think anything of trying to wrestle with our neighbor’s malamute, and the malamute would gamely walk around the yard with our dachshund furiously dangling from the scruff of its neck.

From Florida, to California, to Virginia, to Maryland, to Minnesota, Oregon, and finally Florida – Kaiser moved through life with either Kathy or I or the both of us, always brimming with love, always enthusiastic, always a joy. He was graying around the muzzle by the time he turned twelve, but he would still play tug-of-war with the best of them, still run to see you when you came home with his ears flopping around his feet, still manage to stick his persistent aardvark-tongue in your ears if you got to close.

Then, suddenly, he got sick. We’d always taken great care of his back – as dachshunds are prone to back injuries – even to the point where we’d get compliments from veterinarians about how healthy he was, but some things are more difficult to protect against. By this time Kathy was with him in Florida and I was in Minnesota, so I didn’t get to be there. But because he was in such pain from the aggressive pancreatic cancer that had infected him, Kathy had to have him put down. She made the fateful decision on her own birthday, no less.

Kaiser still has all of the love in my heart. He was and always will be the world’s best dog, so far as I am concerned. I miss him.

This is Skyy’s blog, but Skyy just needs to know; he has some big pawprints to fill.

The World's Best Dog. RIP.  10/1/2009.

The World's Best Dog. RIP. 10/1/2009.


~ by nathancwsmith on January 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Skyy’s Predecessor: Kaiser Soze, scourge of rodents and worshipper of sunbeams”

  1. our first kids never truely leave us, we never forget them huh? But Kaiser with be with you forever as he lives on in your heart–you just need to think about him and there he is, right there all along. we loved reading about him.
    ps–i do have some videos on youtube but the quality is poor–there is a few in my blog if you go back far enough–i will have more to come!

  2. dear Skyy’s human brother–I think you are going to have the biggest, best dog in the world! Guinness and Saige are very tall, but they will not be as thick and heavy as Skyy will be. All your friends will think you have a polar bear not a dog! You are going to have a great life with him–give him lots of hugs and kisses from all of us! from Guinness, Saige and Janice

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