SKYY’s first day at Puppy Kindergarten

Today was SKYY’s first day at puppy kindergarten. He’s attending the St. Paul Dog Training Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, the training facility recommended to me by Szumeria Kuvasz kennels.

I’ve included a little slide show of the photos my five year old son (“Dad! I’m five-and-a-half!”) took with my little Canon digital camera.

We covered “Learning your name,” “sit”, and “C’mere”. Skyy was an exemplary student. The teacher put a lot of pressure on me by using Skyy as the “demonstration pup” on two separate occasions, but in both instances Skyy was a true pro. At 15 1/2 weeks he was far and away the largest puppy, but I’m happy to report he was also the most laid back.

I’m sure we’re on the road to years of perfect obedience. (…hahahahahahahahaha!..right!)


~ by nathancwsmith on January 19, 2010.

4 Responses to “SKYY’s first day at Puppy Kindergarten”

  1. of course he is the most laid back–that is because he is a big dog, not a small yappy thing–they are the worst. get a big dog or go home i say. hehehe

  2. Biggie went to puppy class at 3-1/2 months and he was also by far the biggest puppy there, even though he was the 2nd youngest. And he, too, spent a lot of time lying around and being calm. Or lazy. Maybe it was just lazy.

    We used to joke that he looked like the dunce who got held back a few times because he was so much bigger than all the other pups. (He loves to learn new tricks though.)

  3. (I could have removed the “laser eyes” in the last few photos, but I just think they’re hilarious as they are.)

  4. Groucho would be an afghan hound if he was not an alien

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