Skyy’s first day at the dog park

I don’t have to add too much to this one, given what’s told in the video [below]. This past Saturday was SKYY’s first time at a dog park. Needless to say, we had a great time; saw lots of beautiful dogs and good doggish people. Kudos to the City of Woodbury for an amazing dog park – seventy acres of leashless freedom. Incredible.


~ by nathancwsmith on January 18, 2010.

10 Responses to “Skyy’s first day at the dog park”

  1. i think she is a stunner of a beauty. what a gorgeous healthy puppy. you must get a lot of compliments and questions about her when you are out and about!

    • I do, actually. It’s really amazing. Everyone’s intrigued by the “little” white fluffball, and I find I enjoy giving brief histories of the breed.

      What’s also funny is how many people think SKYY is a girl. He’s too pretty for his own good, I guess. I get it all the time.

      But yes — he’s a boy. (Really appreciate your compliments, though!) Come back again. Love the photography on your blog.

  2. Skyy is so gorgeous! you’re so lucky to have 70 acres to play in! Our dog run is maybe 1/10th of an acre? But still, when Biggie’s there with his friends, it doesn’t matter. They have a great time.

    We also used to get so many “What’s his name? Biggie? HAHAHAHAHA!!!” until Biggie was 60 pounds at 6 months… They grow up so fast – Skyy already looks a lot bigger.

  3. oh—woops—i am so sorry!!!! people always think Saige is a boy and guinness a girl–isn’t that funny—won’t make that mistake again–lol

    i was watching the video and thinking–well some of those dogs may be the same size as Skyy now–but they will sure be surprised when he keeps going and growing and growing!!!!

  4. I think SKYY is about 45 pounds at 15 weeks. I say, “I think” because I haven’t weighed him in a couple weeks. I do know he’s not fat, either. The breeders suggested he’s on the skinny side yet.

  5. That was my thought exactly: Wait until he is grown! Is anyone taking bets? Put me down for 110 lbs at one year. Most of the other dogs at the park are probably already grown to their adult size, will they ever be surprised!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just had to stop by and let you know I got a laugh out of your comment. When I said HAD I meant birthed, but I bet they would taste good. 😀


  7. Oh the dog park!!! Was T-Bone’s favourite place to go when he was smaller. Then he got gooned by a dog who’s reckless owner wasn’t paying attention, we had to pull the dog off of him. Everytime after that T-Bone got very protective of us (as if it were us who were attacked and not him). T-Bone is on the smaller size for a Kuv too, but I think there is some growing left with him too. He is about 90lbs and 1.5 years.

  8. We always thought Biggie would be on the big size for a kuv – his dad is 120 and he was the fatty of the littler who loved to eat and nap, but on his raw diet he is a very trim 100 lbs at 2.5 years. I have no doubt that if he were on kibble he’d get chubby. And although Biggie LOVES the dog run and day care, he really LOVES to GUARD the dog run. I guess it’s mental exercise…

  9. […] SKYY on a long walk this past weekend. I’ve already posted about our day at the dog park [click here if you're interested in reading that post], but what I didn’t mention then is that I took a fair amount of footage of SKYY during a […]

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