Skyy’s entry into MangoMinster 2010

So, if you’re the sort to read blogs about dogs, or even by dogs, it’s not unlikely you’ve heard of Mango.

A snapshot of the Slobbery One

About as near as I can tell, he’s probably the slobberiest blogger on the wide world interweb. He’s also a great enthusiast of all things doggish, and host to what is now an annual event:

MangoMinster 2010.

I’ve got to give credit where credit is due: it’s quite a production. Before Skyy came along, and subsequently this blog, I might never have guessed how large a presence dogs (and, as in my case, sometimes even their owners) have online.

So in the spirit of community and participation, I am preparing Skyy for his own entry into Mangominster 2010.

The following photos are in final contention for Skyy’s entry:

one sleepy puppy

Poor Skyy got clocked and fell asleep.

Like a heat seeking missile

ah...grass. I remember grass. Haven't seen it in 3 months, but...

Sunny day, freezing snow.  The life.

Skyy's favorite position.

A day of sun and snow

One handsome Kuvasz.

A moment still, mid-romp

A moment still, mid-romp

One of my dilemmas, you might imagine, is to ask myself, is it fair to use a picture of Skyy as a little puppy? On the one hand, it could still be considered recent, as only a couple of months ago he weighed a mere 15 pounds. On the other, he is such a different looking dog now than just a couple of months ago. I have to think puppy pictures are hard to beat in a contest, but integrity probably dictates I submit a picture of the dog I have *now*.

I mean – he’s a handsome dog either way.

So the pictures posted here are some of my favorites, and I may select one as my official entry. But I’m also getting the urge to pull out my Canon SLR and try to take some truly great shots of the little white one this coming weekend.

So we’ll see. Maybe this post was just an excuse to post some of my favorite pictures of Skyy to-date.


~ by nathancwsmith on January 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “Skyy’s entry into MangoMinster 2010”

  1. So adorable! Especially the snow picture. I have one of Biggie in the snow that is similar, except he’s an adult, that is my computer desktop. Glad to see I’ll have company in Mango Minster this year!


    P.S. Check out my sanctioned event, Dog Pile, too. Maybe since you are still a wee one you can compete in the little dog category…

  2. Hi there… I came from Mango Minster and your dog struck me. He’s beautiful. I never heard of this breed. I love how you came to name him. Fate named him!

    he is gorgeous. i had to look the breed up in my breed book because i never heard of them yet, i think i’ve seen them all, especially “working dogs.”

    I love to read more as he grows!
    wild dingo
    pee ess: you are so right about dogs and blogs. i started my website in 2002 and wrote hmtl stories about my dingo. around 2007 or so i actually started blogging and in 2009 very heavily. i was shocked to discover how long people have been dog-blogging. it was weird and wonderful. i would have never known, but some dog blogger found me somehow and when i clicked on his blog i saw all the blogger comments and was floored. its too wild!

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