SKYY’s da’ Tanner – AKC National Champ – Best in Breed

I found out the other day that SKYY’s da’, Tanner, won Best of Breed and Best Bred By in Breed/Variety at the 2009 AKC National Championships in Long Beach, California last month.

I’m not entirely sure what that second one is, but it sounds like quite the accomplishment, no? We’re very proud of SKYY’s da’.

A video of the Working Group is available via the AKC website, and Tanner is just the second dog into the video, so he’s pretty easy to find (meaning, you don’t have to sort through the whole video to find him, he’s about 60s in.) I swear SKYY’s da’ is almost as handsome an animal as SKYY.

Check out the video here: Video of Champs

If you’re not into videos, there’s a flash photo of SKYY’s da’: HERE

So congratulations to SKYY’s da’ and Szumeria Kuvasz Kennels, not to mention all of the other ambassadors of the breed who competed in California last month.

Big White Dog

Tanner - SKYY's da'


~ by nathancwsmith on January 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “SKYY’s da’ Tanner – AKC National Champ – Best in Breed”

  1. You are one of millions who did not know that Best of Breed at a National show is as good as it gets. Forget the “Variety”, Kuvasz does not have any varieties (like sizes or colors of some breeds.) To win a Best of Breed – you could call it overall #1 – the dog has to win over all the others of the same breed. At a National, they all show up: in the case of a Kuvasz at least dozens. Some other breeds: could be many hundreds.

  2. Best Bred By is short for Best Bred By Exhibitor — meaning that the person who bred the dog is also the person who showed the dog in the ring. Bred By Exhibitor is a usually a ‘class’ of dogs that show within a certain breed, but many larger dog shows have a separate competition for Bred By dogs (by breed, then group, on to Best Bred By in Show). How do I know? I own Tanner’s littermate, Tuppence, and his Aunt Zoe. By the way, Skyy is a pretty one!

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