My dog is not vodka

Yes, it’s true. I am a vodka drinker. Most who know me well know that I like to drink vodka. However – those who know me truly well know that I tend to drink either Cirroc, Chopin, or – in a crunch – Grey Goose. The only time I have ever bought a bottle of SKYY VODKA was when I was forced to resort to making my spirits purchase at a Wisconsin gas station.

So I forgive the impressions of those who think I named my dog after a middling quality alcohol. I know a guy who named his cats “Bud” and “Kaya” (if you don’t know what illicit substance those names reference you’re better off), so why not “SKYY”, right?

I did not name my dog after Vodka...on purpose

Distilled grain alcohol does not equal white dog

But the fact is that I already recounted the naming of my dog. It was my neighbor’s kid’s idea. I added the extra “Y” for flair. Christine has since advised me that I should have added an “E”, instead, to make it “SKYE” – which also would have been flair-y, but visually, SKYY has a better aesthetic. As proven by the marketers for SKYY VODKA, I guess.

All of that said, to be clear, my dog is not a vodka. He is good on ice, but tonic and a lime do nothing for him.


~ by nathancwsmith on December 29, 2009.

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