Joy, thy name is Tired Puppy.

So, while I was enjoying my Christmas…
That's not our fireplace

SKYY was staying at the place of his birth, Szumeria Kuvasz kennels. There, he got to play with two of his siblings that Connie & Lynn (proprietors) have held on to from SKYY’s litter, and get tons of attention for the four full days I was gone. As part of the service, Szumeria had SKYY all groomed up. They cleaned his ears, clipped his nails, and the coup de grace: a bath. Christine and I went to pick him up and he was fluffier than I’ve ever seen him. And totally zonked.

I couldn’t get him to pose properly, so this is the best picture I could get:

He just had a bath.  That fur is softer than goose down.

One Tired Kuvasz.

But trust me folks – and thank you Szumeria Kuvasz kennels, that fur was softer than goose down. And I also got a quieter than usual evening.

I promise the next time I go somewhere, SKYY is going back to his birthplace.


~ by nathancwsmith on December 28, 2009.

3 Responses to “Joy, thy name is Tired Puppy.”

  1. I love your blog! They grow up so quickly – our guy’s 2-1/2 already. He’s a Szumeria grandkid, I think. (ie I think his dad is a Szumeria pup) Look forward to catching up on all of Skyy’s puppy exploits. They are really great dogs with kids.

    Your cousin, Biggie

  2. What wonderful videos. I love the name Skyy. I can’t wait to see more. Sterling and Tazer were thrilled to have Skyy come and play.

  3. Great to see another Kuv out there!!!! As Biggie said, they grow so fast (in size, not puppyness) T-bone is now 18 months and still a BiG PUPPY!!!!

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