Naming our Kuvasz…

So, naming our Kuvasz ended up being more challenging than I’d originally thought it would.

All of my efforts to find a suitable name that had Hungarian or Sumerian derivation flopped.  The languages don’t fit the modern American tongue all that well.  All the names that came naturally to me (The sort of thing you utter when you’re trying to tell the dog to stop chewing on your leather Allen Edmonds) weren’t suitable for my 5-year-olds consumption.

In truth, I had all but given up.

Then one day, after having taken the dog for a walk (pictures included), our neighbors came outside to chat with their little 3-year old boy, Mitchell, in tow.

“SKY!!!” he cried, running toward our dog.  Our dog (already having been acquainted with Mitchell) went charging toward him and the two started romping around in the grass.  (Our dog has demonstrated a very strong sensitivity to little tykes like Mitchell.  We’re still teaching him not to grab onto my 5-year old’s pant legs when _he_ runs around, but with the smaller kid he’s good.)

“Hi, SKY!!! SKY, play!  Mommy, I play with SKY!!” Mitchell kept repeating.

I asked my neighbor, “Why’s he calling him “SKY”?

My neighbor shrugged.

But one thing became very clear to me.  This little 3-year old was under the certain assumption that my dog’s name was SKY.  I don’t know where he got it exactly, but I knew then that if I ever did come up with a name for my dog, and that name wasn’t SKY, I would seriously confuse and/or disappoint my neighbor’s kid.  And besides – SKY is a pretty cool name.  Especially when you add an extra “Y” and make it SKYY.

And that’s how SKYY got his name.

Asher and SKYY take a walk


~ by nathancwsmith on December 9, 2009.

One Response to “Naming our Kuvasz…”

  1. I have now watched all the videos and I am amazed at how much Skyy and Biggie look like each other!

    Biggie’s name is somewhat Hungarian in origin because we, too, wanted something that referenced the history if this magnificent breed:

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